Upgrade to TalkNotes Plus 2.x

  • DOWNLOAD the free version from Google Play. You can have both the paid and the free versions on your device.
  • BACKUP If you are already using the cloud backup services, make make a latest backup of your data. If you have never used the cloud backup services, go to menu settings, export option. Register through the login option. Make a latest backup.
  • RECOVER your data unto TalkNotes Plus version 2.x. You should only uninstall the old version after successful data recovery on the new version.
  • SUSCRIPTION REBATE TalkNotes Plus 2.x is free, but optional expanded cloud services shall be provided on subscription basis. Current paid app users would be able to register for rebate on future services by sending us an email to support@mobileapptek.com from from your registered email address, with subject "Paid User"

Release Notes

  • In this release we have resolved the major KitKat upgrade issues discovered in our testing and brought to our notice by users.
  • The Call Ringing dialogue, alternate to hardware menu button, and app activation now work on Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat.
  • The contact list now load very fast, the performance issue has been resolved.
  • There are upgrade issues that pertain to specific phone models or version. Some of these are bugs from the device manufacturers. Examples are this kit kat issue relating to Samsung Note II, as well as this other kit kat issue. Please check the issues list for your device on the Internet. Please promptly report bugs that are not documented to us so that we could determine if they are application errors
  • In this release, all third party libraries have been removed from the main APK. This are the Twitter, Facebook and Samsung Stylus Pen libraries. We shall re-introduce these functionalities as plug-in. This would allow us to offer additional third party plug ins for users to select.