pMonitor Locator

pMonitor provides for Family Tracker or GPS Tracking functionality through SMS notifications or data logging.

It allows delineating locations of interest. The app would monitor arrivals and departures from these locations and optionally send out SMS notifications or simply log the information to a file.

The applications are numerous. For example, you could be notified when a child leaves a safe location like home, or an Alzheimer patient wonders away from a facility; and continuously track the individual thereafter, based on time interval or distance traveled setting.

Other events like arrival at school or over-speeding could be tracked.

The logged data opens up many possible uses, for example, traveling or itinerant professional could use the log to record arrivals and departures from client or customer sites; for manifest for billing, route compliance, expense accounts, gas mileage reimbursement, etc. Consultants could use the arrival and departure records as support for time-sheet.

These could be exported to spread sheets for analysis.